Empowering Builders & Developers

Integrating Technology, Marketing & Sales

BlackWolf International combines state-of-the-art Technology and our seasoned expertise in branding and content development to create processes that save developers and builders time and profit. We create a custom platform connected to the MLS with multi-layered marketing that drives leads and sales into your sales centers or direct to your property.

We follow-through with each lead until there is an appointment, virtual or in person or we continue to nurture each lead during their buying cycle.

Research & Analysis

Our Chief Technology Officer and research teams have meticulously honed our systems and procedures over the course of a decade. By operating in highly competitive real estate markets and examining the challenges faced by developers and builders, we have developed a robust set of processes backed by extensive case studies.

Through comprehensive AB Testing, we have developed high-performance technology to execute our global strategies with marked efficiency.

Digital Branding

Many agencies create beautiful websites and digital footprints, but many sites do not convert visitors to buyers. Website conversion happens when a user completes a desired action on your website, like registering for more information, making an appointment (virtual or in-person) or filling out a contact form.

Each one of our websites is designed to be beautiful and is built to generate appointments and sales

Innovative Technology

Every property is unique and needs to target the exact market that will produce sales faster and more efficiently. Our process utilizes our proprietary software and seamlessly integrates advanced marketing techniques with our high-performance technology.

No other system or process can automate, nurture the lead, train the property closers and book the appointments with such precision and accountability.

Proven Marketing Strategies

Our process delivers the full wheel of disciplines that need to be executed before one can close a sale. We know that it takes an experienced team of marketing professionals, along with a team of trained hunters, to follow through on the complete marketing strategy.

What is unique to BlackWolf is that the complication with implementation is resolved seamlessly.

System & Processes

BlackWolf Internation has developed the full system to engage the customer and close the sale. It is about training and building a team that will be able to create and react to potential buyers and service them swiftly. Timing is everything, and our research shows that a potential buyer must be called or contacted within five minutes of registration.

An appointment should be made virtual or in person at that first interface with the prospect. If that is not possible, our technology will continue to nurture that prospect until we can convert them into an appointment. It is this process and follow-through that integrates our technology with the end result of faster and greater net profits for the developer.

Direct Sales Solutions

Most developers and builders hire a marketing firm and a sales team. Many times there is a lack of communication between the two. Blackwolf is the perfect synergy between marketing, sales and closing.

We are the fastest-growing sales solution in the industry as a result of our proven technology to develop the right business acceleration tools for each developer or builder.

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